I am a clinical psychologist based in Cape Town city bowl working with children, adults and families in short and long-term therapy.

I found that empathy and a safe space to share one’s pain are most important. In this safe space I assist the client to deal with current and / or past stressors and traumas in ways that allow the person to integrate the event/s.

This may include identifying and exploring life and behaviour patterns, and adapting those that are no longer effective. The therapeutic process has space for going on a journey to find meaning in current life circumstances, using introspection and mindfulness. This may then be a base for planning a future life trajectory. During this therapeutic process the client leads and we work together to create the changes the client hopes to see.

Play therapy is often indicated when working with children who have experienced adverse life events. I usually see the care giver/s first to obtain information about their concerns regarding the child and then, if indicated, I work with the child for 4 sessions, followed by a feedback session to the caregiver/s to discuss progress and – if needed – further interventions.

I feel very strongly that therapy is not only a useful intervention when dealing with trauma or severe stressors, but also helpful when one feels stuck and confused in certain life stages, i.e. when dealing with an (as yet) unfulfilled child wish, fertility treatments, medical problems, or discord in the family, partnership or at work.  In therapy I aim to accompany the client in a process of exploration to see the issues more clearly, to make choices and to move towards a self-determined future.